I Am Reminded

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Waiting to be engaged…

Recently I was invited to a lecture on a subject I was curious about and as I settled in waiting for the speaker to begin I reminded myself to stay out of “speaker coach” mode and relax, as this is sometimes hard for me to do.

The introduction was informal and friendly I relaxed some more into my seat.

The slides looked interesting, mostly images and photographs, then the speaker began, and after few minutes I was back in speaker coach mode. The speaker was reading from prepared notes, slowly in soft monotone it was a semi dark room. I challenged myself to relax let go of being a speaker coach, I fought drowsy sleep as they spoke.

It was hypnotic, a semi dark room. As my head dropped it startled me awake, the last person to speak that slowly and rhythmically was my mother trying to put me to sleep. I took of my jacket hoping the air conditioning would keep me awake!

I struggled to pay attention and then suddenly the tempo picked up, the speaker was excited about the sleuthing they had done to discover the true story. Then questions were asked for and as the speaker answered they became lively, excited and very animated. I felt we finally got to meet the real person, a sleuth, and researcher passionate about their topic.

As we left the auditorium the friend who had invited me asked for my opinion, I replied that it had been a challenge to keep the speaker coach under control and that I loved the anecdotes and stories in close, I then asked about their experience, they had loved the ending of the presentation!

I Am Reminded

The greatest challenge is to know your audience, to let who you are show up and let your passion show, be real and relax. Which is much harder to do than most people expect!

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