Has Marketing Killed – Authenticity?

Geoffrey X Lane

Is it real?

Like many people I was attracted to the ‘authentic’ label as it indicated that the person, product or service was real. Now it seems anything can be labeled as ‘authentic’ even if it’s rubbish! I was also attracted to Google+ was the notion of authorship, a way of gauging the origins and work of individuals and its authenticity.

How do we know what is authentic on the web or for that matter anywhere? At least when I meet someone face to face I have an opportunity to gauge their character and get a sense of who they are and I can still be fooled.

Don’t get me wrong I love the web and use it all the time. I find it useful, however every now and then I discover that cleverly written words have caused me to believe what is untrue.

A few years ago the word “authentic” had the power to influence me, I believed and I bought. Today it’s proliferation is amazing it is everywhere, ah the power of marketing.

The label “Authentic”

It is applied to almost everything; just for fun maybe toilet paper is labeled as ‘authentic wood pulp’ or butter ‘authentic cow fat’ or margarine ‘authentic vegetable oil along with emulsifiers, colorants and various artificial ingredients occasionally hydrogenated’. Are all of these authentic, yes, but that does mean they are good, bad or something else?

  • What do you do to judge ‘authenticity’ on the web or face to face?
  • Do you check references or quotes?
  • Do you trust likes or endorsements?

Sadly, when I see a reference to ‘authentic’ I am now skeptical.

How about you?

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