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The greatest advantage is excellent communication skills

It is said that Walt Disney could squeeze out the creativity from an artist’s minds after they themselves believed that the ideas had dried up. Walt Disney helped people go a step beyond to make fantasyland a real place. Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau inspired a nation to action, with inspiration, energy and vision to begin the journey to a true national Canadian identity. Mother Theresa inspired us all, by giving nourishment to the hearts of all people. Martin Luther King Jr. words added a new magnitude to the way a society looks at itself and readied a nation for a black President Barack Obama.

These leaders and others had something in common. They had the ability to move people to greater achievements, to appeal to the highest motives in the individual and to help everyone feel involved. Their leadership skills are relevant to all of us, which are in roles where success depends on the ability to influence and motivate others to action.

Whether you are, a manager, a coach, a parent, an administrator, or a president, your most important resource is people. The most crucial element of success in creating your vision is your ability to influence, inspire, motivate and encourage people.

Those who have the talent to call others to committed action are often referred to as leaders or great communicators. But they were not born leaders or communicators the day they entered the world.

No – as leaders they were born the day that they developed the knowledge and acquired the skills of public speaking, communication and persuasion to enable them inspire people to action.

To effectively reach, inspire and persuade the modern employee and consumer, values-based communication and authenticity are essential. The modern employee and consumer have unprecedented access to information and choices, they are different from any that preceded them, and they want it their way.

To ignore the trends of the modern employee and consumer (the way they think and their high level of awareness and discernment) can spell disaster for any leader, presenter and manager. If ill prepared for communicating with this audience, the presenter and manager could lack the skills and knowledge necessary to be powerful, persuasive and effective.

The Disney’s, Mother Teresa’s and the others of this world do not have a monopoly on how to motivate and communicate. These skills are teachable; this knowledge can bring new meaning to the life of a leader.

Authority alone does not make a leader; the ability to get your message across to persuade your listener is key. Nothing happens until you speak then the communication begins; great ideas have no impact until they are given your voice. Your power comes from your ability to use your own unique set of personal attributes to their best advantage. Those who learn this core leadership skill will have the knowledge and courage to change, the ability to advance and succeed.

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