Family Feud!

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Republican Style

As the world watches a family feud has broken out in the Republican Party of the US, as Donald Trump gains more traction, votes and attention the more the establishment of the Republican Party panic!

Donald Trump’s campaign has been successful because of the behavior of its own members in the Senate and Congress. It has taken every opportunity to be disrespectful, rude, and difficult with the president of the United States Barack Obama. The far right of the Republican Party has taken it to a whole new level of disrespect, and uncaring attitude towards the voters of the United States, no wonder the general public and members of the party are irritated, angry and ready to elect Donald Trump.

From a strategic point of view Donald Trump recognized this and has been very good at exploiting the anger and frustration within the Republican Party. This indicates that Trump is not a dumb man; while he is bombastic, rude and displays signs of being racist he is not dumb. The strategist behind his election campaign has called it correctly, however now the old guard of the Republican Party, are speaking out against him and perhaps inadvertently electing him as the members are totally fed up with the obstructionism and lack of progress at getting the party’s agenda moved forward in any way whatsoever.

They have tried to undo, and obstruct Pres. Obama from any successful agenda. This has backfired because the idea behind a democratic system is to recognize disparate ideas and policies and work out compromises that benefit all of the people in general. Rather the Republicans have been on the own agenda not the peoples and so they get their own reward, Donald Trump.

Next week it will be the test for both the Republicans and Donald Trump.

We live in interesting times….

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