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It’s an internal thing…

On a recent business trip, I noticed how my own (internal) energy state resulted in different reactions from others. Often when preoccupied with my own thoughts I am unaware of the impact of my own energy, people do react to energy, a smile and gesture of friendliness or a frown and angry look, a distracted look all elicit responses from other human beings.

People React!

When I arrived at the hotel to check in, – after a rather hectic morning and travel – the very young check in clerk said “will you have time to relax?” I smiled and said to myself “relax” I said to him “I am glad to be here.'” I then watched how much he relaxed and he then talked about the services of the hotel that I might use – sauna, massage and the lovely restaurant.

Although I have known this for quite a while – when I feel good other people pick up on the energy I am giving off – usually when happy with life I smile and my body is relaxed, my tone of voice is pleasant and has its natural rhythm. Other people then relax and unconsciously match my energetic state – they relax also.

This interaction was such a strong and clear demonstration to me how my (internal) energy impacts other people. During the next two days I focused on bringing my best energy to the situation, even though part of it was quite difficult I kept reminding myself that I am the source of my own energy not the situation.

I spent the next two days leading group in my role as a Presentation Director – preparing them for a major pitch, one that would make quite a difference to that business and to them individually. I focused on what worked and helping people with confidence and kept my own energy in focus. By the time we had finished the two days off presentation rehearsals, training and coaching this team was pumped and ready to go – not surprisingly they won the bid.

Then onto my next gig to give a keynote presentation called “7 Steps of A Sales Presentation”. I continued with my focus of managing my energy before I spoke or interacting with people. As a result, my audience and clients all remarked what a great time they had and how much they enjoyed my energy.

It pays to pay attention to your own energy state when interacting with others as it is a tremendously persuasive influence, and it is easy to forget when we are focused on tasks and deadlines rather than the people we are interacting with, who then try to interpret how we are. Let them know and help relieve their anxiety and lift their energy.

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