Do Politicians Lie?

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Would you lie to get ahead?

I have become cynical about politics, how about you? I do believe that the very clever use of “positioning” statements by nearly all of today’s politicians is tantamount to lying, omitting key facts, shading the truth so often it’s hard to know who or whom to trust – they all do it!

Some are better than others and the longer a party has been in power the accumulation of lies becomes their downfall. And then the cycle begins again, one lie pitted against another. We have allowed our politics to be overrun by this culture of dishonesty, we show no such tolerance of it in personal or business transactions, why do we let them get away with it?

The Supreme Court of Canada has handed down a ruling expanding upon the common law obligations of businesses to deal in “good faith” with their customers — not just to live up to the letter of a contract, but the spirit of it as well.

Truth-in-advertising laws offer some protection to consumers. There are laws against perjury and obstruction of justice, laws against fraud and misrepresentation, laws against libel and slander. Only in politics is it accepted that people can tell whatever lies they like.

The consequences for lying in business can be punitive, lying within family and friends can be socially devastating. What we say becomes our word and those around us, in business and personal life trust us because of it.

I would love to see “Truth-in-politics laws” something with a real bite to it, but which politicians would bring in such a law would even the honest ones hesitate to do so? And what about those who refuse to vote for it, would they have some questions to answer?

Honesty, authenticity and real people in politics, its time.

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