Charisma vs. Authenticity

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Are they mutually exclusive?

I don’t think so! The most authentic speakers I have seen and experienced are also the most charismatic. Often authenticity is dismissed and yet this means that we are not paying attention to the affect it has upon people and in the world. Every human has four endowments – self-awareness, conscience, independent will and creative imagination. These give us the ultimate human freedom… The power to choose, to respond, to change and to act.

Self-awareness, which informs and defines us. Conscience creates boundaries of behaviour. Independent will provides the opportunity to learn and grow. Creative imagination allows us to see what otherwise would be in darkness.

Bernie Sander’s Brand

These endowments form and inform our authenticity. Our Authenticity becomes in effect our brand. So often, branding is thought of as the business of building an “image.”

But… in my opinion, the heart and soul of what true branding is all about runs much deeper- authenticity. That “image” – whether personal, or corporate – is just the clothing your brand wears. Your brand itself is the authenticity of your company, the DNA… the unique combination of people and products and services that separates and differentiates you from everyone else on the planet.

I love authentic brands. I love great companies, and the remarkable people who make those companies great. And I believe the opportunity to be one of those great brands is available to any business and any leader. To me, it is simple: a combination of clarity, consistency, authenticity and meaning.

The result, a brand that makes an emotional connection, utilizes symbolism, stories, and all five senses. A brand that is remarkable. Not because it LOOKS that way, but because it IS that way – authentically.

Thoughts While Watching The News

If it bleeds it leads, I heard this term while in class at Simon Fraser University, I was in a class about writing for the news. Any mistake or perceived step outside of the ordinary can be challenged criticized and made fun of by the news reporters. These days the commentary comes from many sources, the traditional newspapers and their online version, but everything is now source material, YouTube, the Internet, comedy shows, political rallies – everything is watched, listen to and read to find the titillating piece that will get your attention. It certainly has made the news more colourful and occasionally very sad.

If it bleeds it leads – what a distortion of the real world!

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