Catching People Doing Things Right….


A powerful tool for management.

The New Reality

In this new reality which consists of a constant barrage of negative news, commentary that show that the economy is not doing well, the divisive politics of fear and anxiety, the massive wave of negative and nasty unknown comments by the trolls of the Internet! It is easy to become negative – too in fact become what we are frustrated about.

Most employees get feedback from their manager or director only once or twice a year, it is often a shallow affair giving only the basic of feedback and focusing on not what they have done or the quality of what they’ve done but often focused on what is not done and what they need to accomplish to get to the next step. This getting to the next step is unfortunately is a form of negative motivation, “you won’t get to the next step unless you do it this way” the tone of the motivation is negative.

I suggest rather than waiting for the semi-annual review to give feedback, is to do it on a regular basis; watch and notice when the people you are leading accomplish something, it may something small. or something large anything that you can go and acknowledge that they’ve just done it right! Do it the moment it occurs, make public make a noise about.

And please when you catching people doing things right, don’t say all “but you could’ve done it this way” because that destroys the sense of pride energy and enthusiasm of the person that is just been acknowledged.

Ask yourself this question, would you like to be acknowledged at the time of the event given public handshake or even a little card saying hey well done or would you were out the way for your annual review – when all of the energy and excitement and power of the moment hasn’t dissipated in dusty time.

Teams we work in represents a microscopic version of our society and if we can strengthen encourage and lead people with care and thought we create a small cluster of strong and able people.  This is a true gift society a small stable but strong team can make a vast difference.

Here is an experiment for you to try, spend five minutes once a week walking around talking to the people that work for you – make sure that you do a little research and you know which areas of their work is going well – and now thank them for it. Then notice what happens over the following weeks as you walk around doing this, and then let us know what happened. I suggest that your morale and the morale of your staff would go up and so will productivity over time.

In this new reality developing a cohesive team is even more challenging, because when they read and experience another mass shooting or sea of another car bomb or starving refugee they can begin to wonder what is it all about.

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