Brian Williams Career?

Geoffrey X Lane

It is a transparent world…

“The face of NBC News, its anchorman Brian Williams, had apparently been exaggerating an anecdote about coming under fire in a U.S. Army helicopter during the Iraq war in 2003.

I believe that authenticity and transparency are the hallmarks of emerging and successful leadership. No longer will anybody be able to hide behind the veil of unaccountability, anonymity, and be untouchable. For in this ‘always on society’ there is nowhere to hide.

When people are exposed for who they really are, if there are questions about motive, honesty or trust, the customers, the clients, the followers, and the listeners – will leave – and leave in droves. Governments are being challenged, institutions are being questioned, and businesses are reacting to the demand for transparency.

Little white lies are no longer okay. Cynicism is rampant, as many public leaders have indulged in and put “spin” on the truth! Everywhere the leader has the opportunity to involve their followers in the spirit of authenticity, compassion, respect and understanding.

The Walls Are Falling!

The hidden walls that many a leader had the luxury of hiding behind – whether in news reporting, politics, education, organizations, charities, churches or businesses – these walls are falling quickly.

To become the respected leaders of the Baby Boomers, the Gen X’s, Gen Y’s and the Gen Z’s, along with all of the future generations that will follow – we as leaders will need to put on our listening ears and pay attention to authenticity. They are demanding, and will continue to demand, to be heard. They demand to be acknowledged and respected as contributors, and not just as receivers, people will no longer be just told what to do.

Authentic Leadership

As a leader ask yourself are you stuck in the 20th Century model of hierarchy style leadership, take time to review your model, review what you see as working.

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