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Donald Trump’s anger campaign…

I find myself stirred up and occasionally angry when I watch Donald Trump and his tactics during his run for president of the United States. I have wondered why it works, but I think I have missed the obvious, many people in the United States are angry.

Angry having watched their livelihoods, homes and sense of status destroyed and they blame political elite equally in the last 9 years. It seems they no longer believe in the great American dream! They no longer believe that they can make it to the top, their standard of living and future seems bleak. They also experienced that the people they blame for the financial crash got rescued with their money!

Advantage Trump

His greatest advantage is that he does not belong to the political elite of the Republican party. Yes, Trump is a rabble-rousing entertainer, brash, outrageous and gets his ideas from TV news clips, magazines, and from the Internet. His use of anger as a clarity all of its own, it rends as most details to a blur and it excites like nothing else, it’s like watching wild fire, it both fascinates and horrifies.

Trump taps into this anger but do not think him stupid but rather that he is in touch with the general population, his short erratic irritating and seemingly stupid remarks set him apart from all other politicians because he is not a politician! By making outrageous statements, using harassment and bullying tactics on the podium, attacking his opponent’s personal traits, habits and mannerisms.

Notice that he avoids having to explain his policies and when someone starts to ask him about his policies he merely sidesteps and makes another outrageous statement. This constant merry-go-round of self-congratulatory statement after to every win, that include the very people he has previously insulted only adds to the potent mix of irritation, anger and frustration of the Republican voters.

Years of extreme positions by Republican commentators have provided an angry base for Donald Trump to tap into! The constant gridlock, bickering, nastiness of the politics in Washington DC only sets the tone of the election, providing the perfect backdrop for Donald Trump.

A Wild Fire Is Raging

Trump has set a fire in the underbrush of US politics and I doubt Hillary Clinton can put it out! Hilary Clinton is his perfect dream opponent. She gives him lots to work with; the emails, Benghazi, Whitewater, Iraq, the Lewinsky scandal. Trump has enough material in Hillary Clinton’s background to run for President six times over.

We live in interesting times…

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