Abuse It – Lose It!

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You created your reputation.

In a recent coaching session, a story was relayed to me about how the actions of one person in the company were damaging the reputation of the entire firm! When asked what to do about this my reply was “Everything you can and do it right away!” their answer was “But we really value this employee and what they do is hard to replace.”

Your reputation is harder to replace. It is the only thing that will follow you around all of your life, and even into your death. This is a truth that many disregard believing. They tell themselves that they have unlimited time and they are “Teflon coated”. I’m reminded of an old country saying that goes like this “If you lay down with dogs you get up with fleas.” So what will they say about you?

Your ability to communicate who you are and the company values is vital in today’s business market, because the number one issue is “trust”. Uber ridesharing service is busy trying to repair its sexist image after a previous female employee’s blog alleging her shocking experience working there. What’s really at stake is its reputation not its image – “looking good” has nothing to do with the character quality and values of the company.

Organizations spend a fortune on marketing to enhance their image and build trust with their consumers When they break that trust they pay a hefty price – just ask Volkswagen about the drop in their worldwide sales! The fines after the emissions scandal cost Volkswagen billions, but a poor reputation can cost you a career.

When any one person in any organization is; behaving badly, ignoring the customer, taking advantage of them or just plain lying, it affects everyone. And that means you too! A bad rap can follow you around professionally and personally like dog shit stuck on your shoe. No one can see it but it stinks up the room. The consequences are many, now and in the future.

Your reputation is yours to lose…

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