A “Presidential Debate?”

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What was that?

I deliberately did not watch the live so-called “Presidential Debate” on Monday September 26th. I recorded it as I wanted to see for myself what was going to happen. So why did I wait and watch a recording? This way I could turn off the sound and watch the body language and try to interpret the true intent of the speaker. Then I can run the recording with my back turned towards the picture listening just to the emotional texture of the voices speaking. Also this allows me to go back and check what I had just seen and think about!

I also listen for the storyline, the point that the speaker is trying to make and convince me to believe them and I make the judgment of whether or not it worked. I notice if one person is just trying to gain attention and to dominate or if one person is trying to get a message across that I can discern. I watch for disrespectful behavior and demeaning language.

It is surprising when you do this what you can see and learn, for in the moment watching any presentation you are influenced by subtle factors; such as looking for what you want to see, supporting the person that has the same political aspirations as you, your gender bias, age bias and racial preference. Also if one person looks more attractive than another that will also influence you; the colour of the clothing that they wear, even their height and weight.

These not so subtle influences change one’s perspective and judgment of the speaker and what they say. Most people will insist or tell you that they’re fairly unbiased and have a good judgment of what is going on when a speaker is speaking. I suggest this is rather like the witness at a crime mix-ups and which have resulted in arrests of innocent people who have not been at the site of a crime. The witness at a crime scene is often unreliable because they are emotionally impacted and involved, I suggest that the watcher in the audience unreliable for the same reason.

And yet this is the very way in which we make up our minds of who we are going to vote for. And to support both emotionally and financially to win an election. Emotional impact has swayed millions of people many, many times to either look the other way or to allow corruption of democracy with disastrous results.

Only by looking at the individual life over time is the way to make a decision about the person speaking is. Look at their life time actions, did they do what they say they would do, have they been a good member of a community, and what is that track record?

I am a professional coach, my focus is helping people make presentations, speeches and to win business. I know that someone like me coached both of the candidates in the debate. Well perhaps that’s true about Sectary Hillary Clinton and maybe not true about Donald Trump.

Noun Debate |dəˈbāt| a formal discussion on a particular topic in a public meeting or legislative assembly, in which opposing arguments are put forward.

Was it a debate with point and counterpoint, sadly no it wasn’t and everyone lost!

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