3 Mind Traps

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Mind Trap #1

Researching the client!

When getting ready to do a “presentation” it is a great to do client research ~ this is a common approach and recommended strategy. The mindset when you do the research has a subtle and dangerous mind trap.

A word of warning here; while doing research, what most people are looking for and reading unconsciously is their own point of view – as most people go look for the evidence or proof that supports their point of view!

Such as; it will be a struggle or they are the perfect client for product A or I know what they need is product C. Looking for evidence suggesting that the research is correct and can be trusted.

Be careful during the research process about your client (the one you hope to later make your pitch/presentation to). As you look to see/hear what your research revealed, it will have been filtered through your pre-existing mindset, you may even be expecting it to be true, even willing it to be true.

Most people would rather be right – than get the result that will make the client happy! This blocks your “open research” as you will be busy comparing what you believe to what you have read in your research.

Research is lot like gossip; you need to discover the “inside” story, the client’s story!

Mind Trap #2

Take notes during the meeting!

Unless you are unusually perceptive to you own bias, taking notes will only reinforce what you thought all along, especially if this client appears to be like many of your other clients.

The human mind is designed to look for patterns, this is how we learn, red berries taste good, yellow berries taste bad. The mind trap is looking for a pattern when none exist. No one company or person is exactly the same, they may have characteristics that are similar, but not the same.

If you have good rapport then ask to record the meeting, get permission first from your meeting participants. Explain you want to pay close attention to what is being said and that the recording will be kept confidential. Ask questions, then keep quiet and learn from your client. This allows for strategic consciousness!

Mind Trap #3

A consistent message bring success!

This is the most dangerous of all “Mind Traps”. This assumes that ‘one message’ suits all, all of the time. What rubbish, every client is as different as we are.

One of the challenges is that many organizations in order to insure a consistent message is delivered, they write it and expect everyone to say it verbatim ~ wow what a mistake. A published message on brochure or website is static.

What does it say “we all wear the same size shoes”, it assumes we are all one gender ~ never heard of such a human. Then the prospective client feels that you have not paid attention, after all they will have looked at your website, read your message and they are looking for a customized solution, not the company line.

Demonstrated consistent values and results helps win clients, then they get to ‘know you’, if there is alignment, it is a beginning ~ the beginning of the sales cycle.

A mind works best when it is like a parachute, open!

Notice if you find yourself saying ~ I did not know that or I didn’t expect that ~ this indicates you have been caught in your own mind trap.

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