2010 Olympics: Vancouver Winter Games Gave Economy A $2.3 Billion Boost, Report Says

Geoffrey X Lane

The gamble paid off…

The report examined the pre-and-post-Olympics period from 2003 to 2010, examining a wide range of areas, including the economy, tourism, legacy, performance and national pride.

It concluded that from 2003 to the end of 2010, the Games generated at least $2.3 billion in real gross domestic product to B.C. alone, created more than 45,000 jobs and investment in sport paid off with a record haul of gold medals.

When I first read this report I was stunned. What an enormous impact upon the economy of BC. And yet when I volunteered I had no thoughts about that, I volunteered because I just wanted Vancouver and Whistler to have a winter Olympics motivated by my granddaughter and my love of Vancouver.  (to read the full report)

And yet few people know what really helped us win the Winter Olympic Bid and how you can apply what we used to help your business.  Even with the amazing preparation and hard work behind the bid book in the final presentation what it took was a story.  In this blog post on my new website you can read how we did it – Effective Storytelling and the 2010 Winter Olympic Bid.

A good story does what facts and statistics never can: it inspires and it motivates. That’s why effective communicators are such expert storytellers. They can translate complex ideas into practical examples and they know how to make emotional connections with their audience.

The real message gets through because everyone can relate to a good story. Effective storytelling it uses the emotive power of the human experience to bring your message to life.

The story paints a more vivid picture of the world than a column of numbers does and it does so in a way that’s more likely to inspire and motivate those who hear it.  We specialize in helping you tell your story so that you win business.

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