Age = Attitude

The last time I wrote I was going away to school, actually to Inspired Outcomes in Guelph Ontario to take NLP practitioners course from Allen and Tara Kanerva. When I first came across NLP it was at the hands of Tony Robbins when I was learning how to assist and eventually lead fire walking programs in Vancouver that was a long time ago. Today Tony Robbins is a major name not a struggling beginner and not looking for a team anymore – it was 34 years ago. I read and went to workshops building up my knowledge of NLP – I still have my Bandler and Grinders “frogs into princes” book published in 1979.

Since then the body of work that is called NLP has exploded, grown in stature and revolutionized itself. So I decided that I needed to stretch myself and put a few new wrinkles in my brain and learn what the excitement is today about NLP. Tad James work in TimeLine Therapy has really astounded the NLP community and Allen and Tara have been working with NLP to help with PTSD, absolutely brilliant work.

So, what was it like going back to school at 73 years old, amazing, challenging, fun and exhausting! Going to school day listening to lectures, strategies and new techniques and processes.  Then trying them out both as a client and as a coach and then going back to the hotel and studying like mad and going to bed early getting up early to start the next day. Now as I write this, I’m aware of the clichés attached to this saying “it was life changing”! It is true for me and the environment at “Inspired Outcomes” is both intellectually stimulating, educationally powerful and the insights shared by the facilitators are outstanding.

As many of you know I have been active in adult education, leading the Pursuit of Excellence, teaching Presentation Power at the University of British Columbia andI took both NLP Practitioner Certification and PACE  well worth the time, money and energy.

I’m still processing all of the different techniques and insights that I learnt, and I’m inspired to launch version 6 of Presentation Power early next year. One of the side effects of this is I am very busy with new clients both in the coaching and as a “presentation director”, which is one of my favourite roles.

Yes, I gush with enthusiasm, energy and I am still able to learn and grow…

love and peace Geoffrey

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