Angry & Confused

How you feel if your spouse told you lie? Maybe it was a little white lie at first, but then a bigger lie, one that affected your relationship with your children or your job! And what if then you found yourself watching every word that is said and tracking it to see if it was a lie. Would then you find yourself wondering late at night if what has been told to was ever the truth! Would that affect your relationship? Would you confront the liar? Would you tell the truth in order to save your relationship?

While taking some extended time off to recover from my recent operation, I have been a bit of a news hound – watching the TV news, online news stories and reading the newspapers. I am confused. How confusing is it – what is the truth, it seems one of the basic tenants of a civil society is under attack, and that is the “TRUTH”!

Do you rely on people to tell you the truth?

I rely on merchants to tell the truth about what something costs and what is involved. I rely on people to tell me the truth that they will be there at 5 PM or when they are not they will tell me. I also rely on people being authentic, they are who they say they are. I don’t know about you, but I am so tired of the constant media and news barrage created by Donald Trump, president of the United States.

What I have noticed it has begun to affected me, causing me to look at people differently and to research everything that I’m doing. Even wondering if somebody is authentic even briefly, causes distrust, I personally thought I know when someone is not trusting me, and I thought I knew when someone was BS’ing. But when someone with such power constantly lies about small and large things it puts my teeth on edge, causing self doubt.


I know that if I was to meet a person who consistently lied to me I would avoid them, I wouldn’t do business with them and yet, Donald Trump is President of the United States, we cannot avoid the President of the United States.

I pity and worry for those who have to interact and negotiate with him, for it must difficult to know what is really going on. Canadian and Mexican leaders are currently negotiating with the United States on changes to the foreign trade agreement (NAFTA), which could drastically affect Canada’s economy and the economy of the United States and Mexico. I am appalled and disheartened by the blatant manipulation of the process and the threats to trying get an agreement that creates an advantage for only the United States.

If I lie I know that it has an affect on everyone around me! I am not going to let this assault on the willingness to tell the truth affect my own authenticity, my own willingness to tell the truth and be honest. It would be easy to get cynical and difficult with others and use the same manipulative strategies on them as it seems to gain an advantage.

Authenticity has been a concept discussed in the workplace, especially when it comes to leadership. Today when people use the term “authenticity” I think they usually mean that they are being honest and open. To be an authentic leader is to be genuine. So, here’s to being authentic, to showing up and being real, without ulterior motives. Here’s to building relationships that are mutually beneficial. I believe when we tell lies we lose track of the truth, we lose our authenticity, our relationships and ourselves.

Speak up, show up and make a difference, Geoffrey

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