My Predictions for 2018



The #MeToo movement has put new life into the feminist movement and expect it to continue in 2018. The movies and TV, placed women and female writers in a position to influence: Wonder Woman, The Handmaid’s Tale, Lady Bird, The Keepers, Alias Grace, and Big Little Lies. Many women now realize that not alone and that others will support them.

Its about time for equal work equal pay, as “women hold up half the sky”.

Look for science to make a breakthrough in the design and manufacturing of batteries. Toyota continues its commitment to the hydrogen automobile, and they will make a difference.

Pres. Trump has created his own opposition with his bellicose stance and language, this will manifest itself late in 2018 in the midterm elections. Watch for more women running for election than any time in history.


Spain’s continued tough stance with Catalonia will trigger political strife within the EU, as other EU states deal with similar problems and watch for Russia to exploit it.

The #MeToo movement will unfortunately make some mistakes and innocent males may be falsely attacked and their life altered forever for the worse.

Many men, will fear any special contact with women at work, no worktime lunches or evening dinners to talk about business as it could be misconstrued and damage their careers. This will dampen the desire to mentor a female, to help them move up the ladder, making it more difficult for women to get ahead. It could create its own backlash.

BitCoin will collapse again.

Pres. Trump has vowed to take names of those who voted against him and his policies at the UN, he has already slashed the USA’s budget to the UN. Expect this to continue in his fight to get his own way, regardless of the social cost – many lives will be lost.

Pres. Trump believes that the FBI has a Democratic Party bias, he will continue to attack the FBI and his surrogates will ratchet it up even further.

More White House staff members will leave – Sessions and General Kelly will leave in the next six months.

Kim Jong Un will become bolder and shoot a missile at Guam and will be toppled by his own people.


The economic bubble that has buoyed the financial world does burst with a long sigh, bringing on stock-market slide. Pres. Trump’s will stick to his campaign promise and abandon NAFTA. America’s longest standing ally Canada will be outraged, and it will be difficult to do business across the border. This will broaden the resistance to Pres. Trump.

As the President and the Republicans celebrate the passage of their $1.5 trillion tax overhaul, the gap between the rich and the poor gets ever wider. It has never been as extreme as it is now except, prior to the French Revolution and a revolution is coming.

Attacks by ISIS will continue throughout the world in 2018. The real danger is the right-wing extremism and retaliation will grow in response. Homegrown terrorism will grow and it will be difficult to sort out which are the real terrorists!

Wishing you all a happy prosperous New Year and predictions are like pie crusts – they are made to be broken. I will track my predictions

Happy New Year, may it be filled with love and peace, Geoffrey.

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