Christmas Time in the City

It’s that time of year again. That lovely time of year. The decorations, the holiday music, Bing Crosby and Rosemary Clooney in the movie White Christmas, Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer cartoon, Christmas cookies, Christmas parties.


There are many Christmases. There is the religious Christmas that has nothing to do with Santa or Bing or Rudolf, who are not in the Bible. There is the family Christmas: turkey, presents, gatherings, travel, cleanup. There is the public Christmas: the lights around the neighborhood, the office party, the shopping mall with smiling amazed children seeing Santa.


Just as there are many friends and acquaintances there many kinds of Christmas: The fact is that Christmas is no longer just a religious holiday the same way that Halloween is no longer just a Celtic holiday. That Christmas has become more than it was, should not be a threat to those who celebrate the religious Christmas. The opposite is also true.


Those who do not believe in Christianity can believe in Christmas and its deeper spirit. And therein lies the magic.




So, what is goodwill? Imagine a piece of fabric covering the world that represents good will. In some place’s it is evident that goodwill exists. That spontaneous help during hard times. There is a universal Christmas spirit that permeates all the others, that not even the hardest-nosed cynic complaining about commercialization can dampen.


In some parts of the world it is evident that goodwill is becoming unraveled, in Africa, Russia, Middle East, and often in our own backyard. Where conflict exists and all of its results are evident. So then, how can I make a difference in this world? How can I help create goodwill and increase its’ effect?


What if that was possible, goodwill all year, every single day?


For me, strengthening the fabric of goodwill is expressed in the simple act of building a company and workshops that strengthen the individual. The individual represents a single strand in the overall fabric. As each person is strengthened to express more of whom they are, we all are strengthened. It is important for freedom expression to continue, for when it is suppressed goodwill and understanding seems to disappear.


I believe we need stand up for what we believe in, that we create work places that respect the integrity and the values of others. It is the suppression of ideas, values, beliefs and individuals that directly decreases goodwill.


During the holiday season it becomes really evident that goodwill exists, those good feelings and acts of kindness not always expressed at other times of the year. This is why, for me, this is one of the best times of the year and I wish you all a peaceful and prosperous year ahead.


Now that I have expressed my philosophy and what drives me, I must say that I am not always effective and at times feel as if I will never learn all of the skills and knowledge necessary to strengthen the fabric of goodwill. However, at this time of year, the season and the image of fabric goodwill strengthening around the globe inspires me.


As I look around my world, I experience goodwill, good neighbors, good friends and a loving family. I often wish that the ‘holiday feelings’ were an all year event.



Wishing you all a merry and happy holiday,

Geoffrey Lane.


PS. If you find this useful, inspiring in anyway please pass it along…

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