Lest We Forget!

Our foundation was built by others…

It is easy to forget that two world wars were fought in the 20th century. As a child of parents whose lives were altered by both of those wars, I have benefited with an education, the right to vote, freedom of speech and the ability to choose.

My mother passed away recently and on the flight home from United Kingdom I was struck by how different my life has been from theirs and how challenging hers and my fathers were during both of these wars. Here I was travelling from Victoria to London UK in one day, carrying with me all of the modern tools of the Internet and computers – yes, I had my iPhone, iPad and computer which allowed me to stay in communication everywhere.

It was if I lived in a totally different world from my parents, it is the same world but has changed dramatically because of the implementation of the technologies from the second World War and the knowledge from the same war. Many women, men and families paid the ultimate price – death – to ensure our freedoms. It is easy to forget the price that these people paid and all the veterans who survived and survive wars.

Veterans, (which for me include the families) suffer – physical injuries, emotional injuries, social dislocations, disruption of education and opportunities. Entire societies can be destroyed by war, take a look at the awful devastation that is occurred in Syria. The damage flows from one generation to another, it takes ages to heal.

Let us never forget the prices paid by those who came before us and gave us the freedoms that we currently have. Take a moment tomorrow to reflect upon the life you currently have and give thanks to those how then and now paid the until price so you may have freedom.

In memory of Phyllis Alice Lane – I will never forget.

Peace and love Geoffrey



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