The Amazing Impact of the F**K Bomb

I have been collecting sayings that have caught my attention or made me chuckle, or inspired me in some way. So, I thought I write my thoughts about them and why they caught my attention. Recent quote:

“The word ‘Fuck” is a form of meditation and the more you use the more your throat chakra clears”.

My Thoughts;

Saying the word “fuck” out loud is certainly expressive and kind of fun, it also seems to garner an enormous amount of attention. I don’t have any scientific evidence or any idea if it does clear the throat chakra. I certainly know that it helps me feel better in certain situations and helps me express what I am feeling and thinking when I come across something that I find truly vile, difficult to understand or outrageously stupid.

The interesting fun part about is that I still have an injunction against swearing from my English upbringing and background, but “what the fuck”! I am learning to get over it. I do believe that having a good swear is a healthy and positive experience for me. I do not point it someone else, because then it is a tool to berate and injure.

OK – Trying to use “fuck” everywhere, here goes…

Oh fuck, I tell a lie here because occasionally I have used the term “fuck head” to describe someone and “it’s a cluster fuck” to describe a situation out of control or a group decision, this mostly occurs when observing the current crop of politicians in N. America and the UK. They are collectively “fuck heads” and “fuck twits” and they are creating a “cluster fuck” with the environment.

We need to get used to ‘giving a fuck” and get “fucking moving” taking time to challenge these “fuck headed baboons” before the world is totally “fucked up”. Wow that was easier to write than I thought, lol who knew it would be so “fucking easy”. But seriously they are “fucking up” everything and the sad thing is they don’t seem to give a “fuck”.

Seriously weird cackling here as I write, it is fun to break my own social rules, but why the fuck do I need permission? WTF.

A meditation exercise using the word “Fuck”

If you want to experience the meditative side of saying “fuck”, then stand up, take good stretch, then a deep breath and repeat “fuck” out loud as many times as you can in five minutes. You will be amazed at how good you feel, you will feel lighter more relaxed and somehow better. Perhaps that’s because you needed to say it out loud and express that feeling or because it is a truly meditative word? “What the fuck” try it before you decide.

Always be brilliant!

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