What’s Next For You?

Or The Secret To A Rich Full Life…

The foundation of my work as a coach, facilitator and speaker is based on is this:

Achieving goals and getting stuff doesn’t make you happy: getting that new job, new car are just events and temporary highlights in the overall journey of your life. I believe, your greatest happiness comes from the interaction with the world as you pursue creating the life you want, and experiencing the adventure and challenge as it happens.

Lady Gaga has written an emotional message to fans posted to Twitter on Thursday last, Gaga writes that the film reveals “that fame is not all it’s cracked up to be.” She says fame is lonely, isolating and “very psychologically challenging” because it “changes the way you’re viewed by people.” She says her relationship with fame is “complicated” because she knows it’s her “destiny to be a performer.”

Chef Sebastien in southern France with three Michelin stars says he wants to be stripped of the distinction because of the “huge pressure” to dish up flawless fare each day. On Wednesday the 46-year-old said he wanted to be dropped from the 2018 edition of the Michelin Guide to “start a new chapter”.

In my last post Who Challenges You, we looked at the issue of surrounding yourself with people who challenge you, and create the tension that drives personal growth. This is very important, because to create a life of happiness, you must know that your greatest days are ahead of you, not behind you.

Your, reflexes maybe slowing, maybe the need for glasses is now as your eyesight decline, and your joints now ache more. Your mind can grow, your wisdom can deepen, and you can continually move closer to enlightenment. But this only happens when you choose it it’s not an accident it’s a conscious choice.

To illustrate from my personal experience…

I have always been curious, curious about how things work. I had a very successful service and retail business and I became a professional speaker teaching others how to do the same thing. Sharing this with others gave me greater satisfaction than running my own business, the time I didn’t understand fully what was driving me. Because it gave me such great satisfaction I pursued it to the nth degree! Total focus….

Sadly, this ended up costing me a wonderful relationship and a close friend.

So, I went from success to having to rebuild and restructure my life. Because of my curiosity of how things work, why they work the way they work I took a program to find out. I sold my business and went to work for the company that I had taken the program from, it was a great experience and I learnt about driving needs, and what it takes to build the life. Based upon what I learned I realized that I needed to be my own creator, leader and facilitator.

My father’s generation and him also had one job, one career and life stayed pretty much that way for them maybe 30 years or even 50 years with one company or organization.

I have led workshops in person, in many cities across three continents (Canada, USA & Australia), but as I write this I am now reaching more people from my base in Victoria. The world constantly changes because the push of technology and I am constantly amazed at how ignorant I was, when I was six months ago. Which is why I am always writing new programs and books, and making blog posts like this. I’m always looking for my next adventure, and new horizons to explore.

What About You?

If you think you have already accomplished your greatest work, why would you want to jump out of bed in the morning? It is easy to look back congratulate yourself much of what you have accomplished or what you failed at, reminiscing on all that was. Or you can be looking into the horizon, anticipating with a sense of adventure what you still have in front of you. And, yes I am living a rich full life.

What are you doing to challenge and grow yourself? What is the new horizon you must explore, to know your most important days are ahead of you?

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