Who Challenges You?

In my blog Creative Tension I discussed how dynamic creative tension is necessary for creating the life you want. I told you that one of the best ways to generate that tension is having people in your life, who will challenge you, respect.

The path to success and self-awareness is a series of journeys, from one comfort zone to the next.  And often along the way, maybe you get a little too comfortable, and for too long, in one of those comfort zones, after all it is comfortable.

Who challenges you to create the life you dream about?

Don’t let anyone to guilt you into doing more, or tell you what makes you happy. Definitely NOT someone that compares you to others (look at your cousin) to motivate you, or thinks by pushing you will work (just do it) – or using you as a surrogate, getting their excitement in life through you. Avoid people like these because they are not challenging you, they are using you.

What I am talking about are people who want you to soar in life, who instinctively they see greatness in you, often before you see it yourself.

You want people who will remind you that you’re remarkable – but also that you can be even more so. I as a coach see so many people with untapped potential – what an insult to the force which created us.

Aliveness; tapping into your lifenergi doesn’t really come from achieving goals or getting stuff.  Aliveness comes awareness and from the full engagement of creating your life, the adventure, and challenge of creating.  That is when you will be most alive.

It is important make sure you have at least a couple people around you who will challenge you, to create that tension between where you are, and you the life you want to create.

I try to do that for you through this blog and but you also need someone close to you, who can give you that personalized perspective on what you’re capable of personally.  And if you don’t have that, then consider working with me in my Membership Program and I promise I will challenge you in ways like you have never been challenged before. On the other side of your comfort zone that’s where the breakthroughs are.

The other dynamic that is so important in this process, is knowing that your greatest moments are still ahead of you, not in the past – the past is no indication of the future you can create.  I want to share some insights on how this plays out for me.  Which is where we will pick up next time…

Always show up…

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