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Humans have in transferring knowledge to each other since the beginning of time, it’s has allowed us to grow and develop our society, knowledge and technology.

From sharing knowledge face-to-face, to the development of a designated teacher or wise person. When society grew the next development was a classroom full of students listening and learning from the teacher. In ancient Greece, you would’ve been able to sit at the feet of Aristotle learning, questioning and growing.

That led to the development of “Universities”, these gradual changes have benefited us all. Today the Internet has once again changed the game of the transference of knowledge, it is undergoing rapid change because of the deployment of high speed access to Internet has again changed everything.


Travelling to a university or to a seminar is time consuming, sometimes difficult because of security concerns at airports and yet when you’re sitting in a seminar one of the advantages is that you can interact directly with the speaker and with your fellow participants.

When using online training you have the convenience of doing it from home or from your office without the hassles and expenses of travel, which today can be considerable in time and expense. But it is very hard to interact with a recorded video presentation and even harder to interact with your fellow participants, as you’ll get online at different times watching the same video. Talking heads look good, and sometimes have very high production values, but have no interactive capabilities.

The advantages of Live/Online:

1.             No matter where you are in the world you can login

2.             You can interact with the seminar leader and ask questions and make comments

3.             All classes are recoded with participants comments and interactions

4.             All sessions can be reviewed later and/or if you missed it

5.             Saves travel time and fatigue as no time zones travel

6.             No hotel, meal or air travel expenses to filed, reviewed and managed

7.             An entire team can work together during a private seminar

Sending an individual staff member to a public seminar or company training can be inconvenient because of workload and time demands which make it impossible for that person to learn new skills and gain new knowledge.  But what if there is a key people in your organization that need staff development and they cannot leave their office! Our live online training programs gives them the opportunity to participate, as it computer/internet based, it is like their personal time machine.

Live & Online training is the most effective and economical solution for your organization.  All of our online programs/workshops are customized and also provide a follow up report. Live & Online training is now possible and convenient and with the increase in bandwidth, and chip speed it has become the preferred tool of many of our clients.  We have adapted, and we believe improved our programs for our clients and are enjoying the ongoing process. Join us in this innovative solution in an increasingly busy world, allowing education and professional development

I look forward to answering any questions and helping you plan your professional curriculum, all the best Geoffrey



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