Creative Tension

One of the amazing things about being human is our imperfection and our constant struggle to overcome our imperfections. The past often limits or defines who we are, until we face it, let go and start to create the life we want. This is what makes us perfectly human.

A big part of being human is being comfortable in our own skin, hopefully not too comfortable. Having healthy sense of self, loving yourself, getting your needs met and loving others is also being human. Another part is being grateful for whom you have become and acknowledging the people and circumstances in your life that contributed to you. Loving others (and more challenging yourself) unconditionally.

But it’s not done yet…

When you think you’re done, that you have created the perfect life, no more work here, that’s when you’re in trouble, real trouble. Absolutely nothing ever grows while in the comfort zone and if it is not growing, then it’s dying.

Creative Tension

We all need to love ourselves the way we are – and we also have to challenge ourselves. By creating some dynamic tension, by envisioning things you want to do, to create, or become.  By creating a better vision or new expression of your purpose for yourself sets up a dynamic tension that energizes, entices and creates opportunities for growth. It is that tension – the tension between where you are and where you want to be – I call this creative dissatisfaction. Creative because it was done with awareness, not just vague or troublesome dissatisfaction that constantly irritates.

One of the ways to generate dynamic tension in your life, is having people who challenge you in an empowering way to activate this tension, with respect and courage.

How to manage creative tension by yourself?

Which is what we will discuss in the next post…


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