Always Speak Up

Are you part of the problem or part of the solution?

I have watched with alarm, some fear and sadness to how quickly the fabric of society can be picked apart by a few determined to create chaos. It has taken humans a very long time to learn to live together, but just below the surface lies xenophobia and ethnocentrism. Unemployment, poverty and the loss of a way of life threatens peoples sense of goodwill and their commitment to the fabric of society drops dramatically.

As an individual, it is easy to feel alone, threatened and powerless to make an effective difference in your world. What I mean by your world, is your family and friends and your neighborhood, and the people you buy services from, at coffee shop, the dentist and the doctor that take care of you etc.

When an individual or group feels so threatened they will respond with either anger, or withdraw altogether. When the fabric of society gets worn thin, civility, respect and compassion rapidly disappear, we become rude and selfish. There are those who wish take advantage of anger and fear in society, for then the can destroy what is left of goodwill between people and sneak in to take control.

Create Chaos To Take Advantage

The fascists (alt right) are just one group that want to tear out and destroy the fabric of society so that they can create their own society based upon their beliefs. While not directly supported by the Donald Trump they seem to be tactically approved of. The constant Twitter storms created by Donald Trump seems designed to tear at our societies and values of free speech, freedom to vote and freedom to be.

As I wrote “A Giant Stumbles”  in February this year I was feeling pessimistic and thought at the time I was being a bit hard, but based upon the clash of fears, beliefs and the damage done to society the article was predictive.

Always Speak Up

I am encouraged by the business leaders who left Trumps ‘Presidential Advisory Councils’, they have demonstrated by their actions, that they and who they represent will not tolerate or condone racism or hatred. It has become imperative for all of us to speak up and confront those that would tear apart the fabric of our societies for their own ends.

A paragraph from “A Giant Stumbles”

“History teaches us, that not to speak up has serious consequences and yet you could argue that history will not repeat itself. But if it walks like a duck, looks like a duck and quacks like a duck it probably is a duck. Look at the history of Germany, Russia and Uganda.”

Always speak up Geoffrey

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