My Why?

My Why

I experience real passion and satisfaction solving problems that puzzle and frustrate people – the big payoff for me is when I can say ‘if you do it this way it will work’ then I feel joy – I love helping people…


I’m not proud of the way I am, nor am I ashamed – I am simply being me – showing up in the world as I am.

This is who I am, and I’ve learned to accept myself as I am and not try to fix myself.  I have spent more than half my life working on changing myself, and I got very successful at it. Get to know yourself first before attempting drastic change, you just might be surprised!  Once you know who you are and have explored what ‘your’ driving needs are then all change is possible and I really know principles of change, which I can share with you.

It has been my discovery that when I’m able to be fully responsible for the way I am, without justification or rationalization, new possibilities for being come into existence. I find myself growing naturally, without effort. What I’ve learned it’s more empowering simply to accept yourself as you are, not narcissistically loving yourself, but a simple being at peace with yourself.


I am real “McGyver” type –

I have studied, experimented and personally tested what I coach and train people on – which is how to lead, speak publicly, make a pitch, give a presentation, and to create a life you truly want! I am practical, pragmatic and powerful coach.

And what I really, really want to say is…

I am a constant researcher of practical ideas and solutions – I enjoy this very much – I read lots of books, magazines, articles and blog posts about technology, human communications and psychology.

If you’ve just GOT to or just plain curious to know more, read on.

Nine Things You May Not Know About Me…

The first time I got up to speak I was terrified, I was hooked as it was a challenge and problem to be solved… I love it!

I am Dyslexic – what a great learning ability and my pattern recognition ability is a tremendous advantage.

I wrote for and taught “Presentation Power” and “Sales Talk” at Sauder school of Business, University of British Columbia

I was the speech coach for the Winter Olympic Bid for Canada in 2003 – and we won the right to host the Winter Olympics in 2010 and it was brilliant!

I have spoken in every major city in North America – seen a lot of airports and hotels.

I want to be a beach bum – lol – when I grow up – and then reincarnated as the photographer Yousuf Karsh.

I go through periods of trying to give up coffee… always seduced again by the smell of espresso!

I had a multiple bypass August 2014, did Spartan Sprint June 2015! Yeah, good to be alive!

I’m living proof that your creativity can bankroll your passions – and that it’s never too late to make your dreams real, whether you want to be an amazing leader, get a standing ovation, be a great coach, or completely rule your industry!

Always show up Geoffrey

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