When I was teaching Presentation Power at UBC I did a survey of the participants of what they most disliked about speakers, presenters and workshop leaders. I was surprised by the extensive list, then using that list from the first group I gave it to the next group of attendees and asked them to put it in order of what they liked the least. Much to my surprise they added to the list. I then did it again with new list with a group of corporate business attendees in the workshop. Here are the results “13 Deadly Sins” based upon the survey according to the audience. The notes in brackets are mine, based upon the interaction with the audience

  1. Poor First Impression.

(Audience: your energy matters – dress – attitude)

  1. No Clear Objectives.

(Audience: where are we going? – what are you going to talk about?)

  1. Starting Late – Ending Late.

(Audience: you made me late – just messed up my day – I won’t listen!)

  1. No Enthusiasm or Conviction.

(Audience: if you don’t care, why should I?)

  1. Dull, Dry & Boring.

(Audience: lighten up – tell me a story to involve me.)

  1. Frozen In One Spot.

(Audience: your fear is showing or do you need to go to the bathroom?)

  1. Weak Eye Contact.

(Audience: your fear is showing or am I to ugly to look at?)

  1. No Audience Involvement.

(Audience: your lack of concern for me turns me off.)

  1. Poor Facial Expression.

(Audience: hey, robot, lighten up – smiles do work)

  1. No Humour.

(Audience: hey, everyone has a funny story/anecdote to tell.)

  1. Poor Stage Skills.

(Audience: don’t you know what you are doing or are you just winging it?)

  1. Poor Visual Aids.

(Audience: get some help – PowerPoint® classes – get a template.)

  1. Weak Conclusion.

(Audience: where have we been – what should I do next?)

Most speakers do not get objective feedback so if you feel you are guilty of some or all of these get some presentation coaching.