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Bid presentations and pitching ideas rank high on almost everyone’s list of greatest fears. Yet in today’s business world we make pitches all the time: to win a contract, to raise investor money, to recruit an essential partner — and that is before we even get to work!

Geoffrey X. Lane offers Public Speaking Training

Your personal success depends on your ability to communicate your thoughts, feelings, and ideas with clarity and passion!

Preparing for a pitch requires a lot of hard work, preparation, and rehearsal. Our clients value honest, constructive and straightforward feedback. We give all of that with accuracy and precision, with just one thing in mind – to get you to win The Pitch.

We have worked with some of the North America’s successful companies and exciting start ups – in, transportation, investment, architectural firms, design agencies, IT, telecoms, software and game development you name it. And for us it is great fun.

The "Hidden Secrets" To Great Public Speaking

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